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Bird common in birds forest and bird cage shewang, stainless steel rope

Stainless steel rope cage used for shewang, forest birds. Common specifications are 1.6mm rope diameter, 38mm/51mm aperture. Huamei steel wire net is very flexible and easy to shape. The utility model can be designed into different shapes according to the topography, easy to install, beautiful in appearance and close to the feathers. The maintenance free feature eliminates the need for high-altitude maintenance. The use of large areas can also form invisible nets. Stainless steel rope is very suitable for a bird cage, like common birds, parrot cage net, net cage net, the Red Crowned Crane net, net, net peacock flamingo.
According to different conditions, common birds generally have forest and bird cage birds shewang two. The forest area is big, beautiful appearance, many kinds of birds, visitors can watch the various animal species in a forest in general with birds, peacocks and parrots as the main varieties. Birdcage net structure is simple, generally a cage, a bird. Different mesh sizes and sizes can be customized according to different bird species. Common cages include parrot cage, net of Eagle cage, Red Crowned Crane net, flamingo net and peacock net.
Stainless steel rope

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