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How to inspect the quality of stainless steel cable

As we know, the stainless steel cable have many advantages: High Temperature Resistance, Good Fatigue Resistance ,Good Breaking Force, Long Service Life, Durable, and many other features. However, the problem will arise without any inspection. 
Now, let’s have some method to check the quality of stainless steel cable:
1.Inpection of External Dimension: including the inspection of the cable diameter and surface, structure, twisting way and quality of twisting.
2.Test of untwisting the stainless steel cable: Untwisting all of /some of the threads of the cable, or using the monofilament thread to check the breaking force of the stainless steel cable.
3.Testing of the Break Force and Stretch 
Testing the tensile failure of the stainless steel cable under the one way static strength
4.Relaxation Test
Stainless steel wire rope under the effect of initial tension, after a certain time, measure its loss to the stress test.
5.Flattening Test
Test the deformation under the pressure of the stainless steel cable
6.Fatigue Test 
Repeated Bending Capacity Test under the alternating pressure.

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