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Installation and maintenance of stainless steel wire rope

When installing the steel wire rope, there is a major concern: when the wire rope is installed on the equipment, the wire rope should be free of any distortion.
Preferred method of installing crane rope.
3.1 right to put the rope and eliminate distortion: according to the second chapter is shown in Figure 5 the wire rope from the pull rope wheel or rope roll open, (if the operation is not correct, may make the wire rope kink, this can cause permanent damage to the wire rope, wire rope) and then down the arm placed on the ground, it will eliminate the distortion of steel wire rope.
3.2 fix the end of the wire rope on the drum: pull the wire rope through the fixed pulley and fix the end of the wire to the coil. Make sure that the strands are free to move before the end of the wire rope is fixed (in other words, to ensure that the end of the wire rope should not be welded together).
3.3 wire rope is wound slowly and carefully on the reel: no additional load is applied except for the weight of the rope pulled along the ground.
3.4 tightly wrap the first layer: it is very important that the first layer of the wire rope is wound tightly on the smooth drum, because the first layer forms the foundation of the back rope layer. When needed, use a rubber hammer, or a brass rod (don't use a hammer to beat) wire rope winding in the right position, ensure that the underlying wound tightly.
3.5 sufficient tension is applied in multi-layer winding wire rope used in the process of wire rope tension load is very important (if not the tension load, below a layer of wire rope may be too loose, when load is applied above a layer of wire rope will break into the bottom layer of wire rope, this will seriously damage the rope) the tension in the rope, the load should be nominal tension within the range of 1%-2%.
3.6 for wire rope of multi rope pulley device: the wire rope through the movable pulley and the cantilever top pulley, wire rope and the maximum distance that the movable pulley (hook) vertical and horizontal suspension, to ensure the stability of the movable pulley as shown in Figure 4. If possible, wire rope should be avoided at the pulley.
Figure 4
3.7 check the wire rope is twisted: loosen the wire rope, pull down the enough length (Figure 5), if the wire rope is no kink together, is not twisted rope. If the wire rope twisted together, distorted, wire rope, wire rope according to the steps of eliminating distortion.
Figure 5
3.8 adjust the new steel wire rope.
After installation, the wire rope should be adjusted properly, so that the parts of the wire rope can be adjusted to the operating environment.
The boom rises, if the use of hydraulic crane will be fully extended, on the hook hanging on the lighter load, the hook is lifted from the ground 1m, can keep a few minutes, and then load completely lifted completely down cycle several times, to the rear view drum winding wire rope and wire rope operation there is no problem, check the abnormal potential.
After the light load is increased, the load is increased and the cycle is lifted several times, so that the wire rope can be run in, and the operation is stable.
It is more ideal, should use rope pulley device of the load, the load will be hung on the hook, release the wire rope from the volume of Jane, except for the last three laps. If you can not do, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure proper tension on the wire rope drum.
Always keep the three ring wire rope on the drum: Although the hook in the low position, the volume of Jane must stay two ring wire rope. We recommend that we leave at least three coils of wire rope.
3.9 installation under tension.
If not installed before the wire rope on the floor, directly will be pulled from the rope wheel, according to the following steps: firstly, through the flange hole of a shaft rod through the wire rope wheel and the rope wheel is installed on the bracket as shown in Figure 6, ensure the winding, open wire rope wheel when the rope wheel should not be allowed to rotate freely with rope wheel force along the rope brake wheel. Do not apply power to the rope on the rope, or to let the rope pass through the barrier of wood or other material.

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