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Stainless steel cable netting

Stainless steel cable netting, because of its unique, unique hole type, the expression of the United States, all stainless steel production, decorative good. In the European and American countries are widely used, mainly used in; zoo cottage construction, garden park landscaping protection, green plant climbing, balcony staircase protection decoration, theater theater decoration, exhibition hall creativity, building curtain wall and interior decoration, Scenic protection decoration, municipal construction and so on. With China, the strengthening of the country in recent years in China has also been a very good development.

stainless steel cable netting
Features: flat surface, unique lines, the overall structure of solid, generous appearance. Toughness, anti-climbing ability, impact resistance, resistance to collision, not vulnerable to external impact damage deformation, there is an excellent cushioning. Good transport good product installation, light and transparent, the use of a long time, and the surrounding environment into one, played a very good decorative and protective effect.
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