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Stainless steel rope indoor and outdoor decorative protective net

With more people concerned about the quality of life, attention to the mood of life, the requirements of the room is getting higher and higher. Stainless steel rope network and people's daily life combined together in life is well known and understanding of the demand for stainless steel rope network more and more, even once in short supply, stainless steel rope network not only has a very beautiful decorative protective effect, but also with Very high artistic ornamental value.
  Whether it is a castle, a villa or a simple apartment, the biggest role of the designer is to give them the art of temperament and unique characteristics. Stainless steel rope in the design of unrestricted, designers can design a variety of graphics, structure. To meet the requirements of designers and users. Easy to install, can be constructed in any structure. Long-term use will not change color, bright and lasting, without post-maintenance.
  The main installation accessories: stainless steel standard parts, stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel ring, stainless steel buckle, and so on. After installation, the latter without maintenance. Stainless steel rope net, the installation should be noted: Annex distribution is reasonable, large size attention to the frame to bear the force, the network surface to start a reasonable angle, the proposed network to expand the angle of 60 degrees angle. Do each standard parts and other installation accessories, be sure to install firmly. Rope network connection must be important, do not have outcrops.

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